album design service

Our designers are experienced photographers and graphic designers and their aim will be to tell the story of your photos in their album design.

But of course, they didn’t live the moments like you, so that’s where the revision rounds come in. After the initial design you will be able to do the 1st revision round and request changes. In total we offer 3 revision rounds for free at the end of which you will have 4 album designs from which to choose the one for printing.

The design proccess has a flat rate of 4€ / spread (2 pages) and includes 3 free revision  rounds.

If you wish, you may request for more revisions (max 3 more) for an extra charge of 20€ / revision.

The album design service is offered as an option on every album order or as a standalone service.



The most popular design among our clients. An all white background, with no borders on the images. A clean design that ranges between 1-13 images/spread (2 pages)

Key Image

One image is always the key image and covers at least an entire page or more and is complimented by 2-4 more images in a smaller size.

all images Courtesy of KP Photography Cinematography

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