In the lay flat albums, a spread is 2 pages facing each other as the book is opened. The difference from the standard photo book is that the pages lay totally flat with no breaking on the back of the book, alloying for a much larger surface to be creative with. So whenever you see a spread mentioned, keep in mind that 1 spread = 2 pages.

To ensure maximum print quality, your image files must come from a camera with a 6MP sensor at least to print correctly in a 16×8 spread (8×8 album). Images from cameras with 12-24MP sensors are a great choice. Also important are the dots per inch or else the dpi of the image. Ideally, the dpi of the images should be between 200 and 300. To view this information in a photo (in windows), right-click it, select Properties and go to the Details tab. After you have sent us your photos, we will let you know if there is a problem with your order confirmation.

If you are designing the album spreads yourself, then we recommend that you follow the instructions found here.

The creative takes place on a spread (2 pages facing each other). About 1 to 15 images can be placed in each spread. Of course, the larger the size of the spread (and the album) the easier it is to get more images on it and show better. For best creative results, we recommend 3-6 photos per spread. In the end, the number of spreads, the number of images you select for the album and the design style you choose will determine the density of images in each spread.

In each order that includes the Album Design Service we execpt up to four hundred (400) images. This means that if you have more images, you have to make an initial selection yourself and select the 400 images to send. Of course, you can send all your images, but there will be an extra charge of € 0.10 / image for the number of images exceeding the 400 limit. This extra charge will be shown in detail in the order confirmation email.

Below is a helpful guide for estimating the number of images/spread that are included in various design styles:

Classic: an average of 3-6 images/spread
Simple: an average of 2-4 images/spread

We can of course customize for you and include more images per spread on average, but this is our ideal recommendation for a stunning design.

On your order form, you will be able to designate whether you want your designer to use all the images you are sending in the design, or whether you’d like to give them freedom to select the images that best tell the story from those that are sent (in which case, not all of the images sent will necessarily be used in the design). For best outcome, we recommend selecting the 2nd option and sending more images than will be included in your final design.

Once you have completed the order form and submited it, you will be redirected to the upload page to send your files. There, after you enter the name of the order in the relevant field, you select your files and upload them to our server. Alternatively or if you have a problem in the previous way, you can send them via WeTransfer at orders@albumspreadesign.com. WeTransfer allows you to send up to 2GB free files, either individually or together in one zip file. Do not forget to enter the name of the order in the Message field, as you noted in the order form. See how to add your files to a zip file here and then send them with WeTransfer here.

If you choose the design service, then our designers who are experienced photographers and graphic designers will aim, through the album, to tell the story of your images. For this reason it would be good, but not mandatory, for the files to have some type of sorting, for example by name, to help them understand the timeline of events. 

Also, when ordering your album design, you have the option of specifying whether you would like your designer to use all of the images you send, or whether you want them to select the images that best tell the story from among those you send. For best results, we recommend specifying an approximate range of spreads (i.e. 15, 20) on your order form, and allowing your designer to pick the images that work best together to create a cohesive design. Feel free to send a “favorites” or “must use” image list in the “More information” field of the order form, as this will help your designer create a design that you are guaranteed to love in the first draft.

The design revision round is to showcase the creative design of the album’s spreads and give you the ability to request design changes. With the design service, three (3) free revision rounds are provided, which, if used all they will give you at the end 4 design creatives to choose from. The revision process is only available through our website. You can request to change the images on a spread, resize them and etc. After you send us the changes you want, the designer will make the changes and show you the new creative in the next revision round. After the first three (3) free revision rounds are completed, you can request up to three (3) additional revision round, which however are charged €20 each and will be added to the final payment before the album is printed.

If your album design order has not been finalized after three (3) months from the date it was placed, you will have the option to pay the remaining balance to keep your order open or it will be purged from the system at that time. However, once the balance has been paid, we can keep your album design on file for up to one year from the date you placed the order.

If the design has still not been finalized at the one year mark, you will have the option of receiving the as-is files or paying a €50 extension fee to keep the order open in our system.

The deposit given is not refundable in any of the above cases.

Once you have selected the design for printing and the final payment has been made, your order will be sent to production. It will take about 15-20 business days for the album to be produced. Are standard business week is Monday to Friday

In the order form you can choose to pay by bank deposit, credit card or PayPal. In the Order Confirmation Email we will give you in detail the final cost including shipping.

If you have chosen our album design service, you will have to pay a deposit, which is 50% of the total order value for the design process to start. After selecting the final design and in order to send the album for production you will need to make the final payment. If you opt for additional revisions, in addition to the three (3) free, their costs will be included in the final payment.

If you are designing the album spreads yourself, after confirming the order payment your album will be sent for production.

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