I designed the spreads myself

Is photography your passion and you designed the lounges yourself? Or are you a professional photographer and you want to print an album design for your client?

Then all you have to do is send us your album spreads and we’ll print your album!

But before you send us your spread files, take a look at the following specs in order to achieve the maximum print quality.

The spread files should be JPG files, ideally at 300dpi, but definitely not under 200dpi to achieve photographic print quality.

When storing your spread as a JPG file, select the maximum JPG quality (10 or 12) your program provides.

The minimum resolution, depending on the size of the spread, is shown below (W:H).

spread 16×8

spread 20×10

spread 24×12

spread 16×6

spread 24×8

spread 28×10

spread 32×12

4800p x 2400p

6000p x 3000p

7200p x 3600p

4800p x 1800p

3600p x 2400p

4200p x 3000p

9600p x 3600p

are you ready?