order terms & conditions

By submitting an album design and printing order (hereinafter referred to as “Order”) through our site, you are agreeing to be bound by the our Site Terms & Conditions, our Privacy Policy and the terms of this document below.

By placing an Order you declare that you have the right to use the photos you send us and we are hereby granted the right to edit and print them.

During the design and production of the Order all communication will be via email, in order to have continuity and record of the communication. Any telephone communication should also be confirmed by email.

Album Design Service selected

For every oder that contains the Album Design Service, ether as a standalone service or paired with an album printing order, you can send up to four hundred (400) photos at no cost, from which our designers will choose to design your album. If you wish to send more than four hundred (400) photos, for the additional photos there will be an extra charge of € 0.10 / photo. This extra charge will be analyzed in the order confirmation email.

If the Order is designed by us it will implemented in two (2) phases. After submitting the Order through the relevant form on our website, you will receive the Order confirmation by email and final cost analysis. Upon confirmation of payment of the deposit, which is 50% of the final cost, the first phase starts from the next business day and within four (4) business days your album 1st revision round will be ready. After completing your revision and requesting the changes you want by email, again within four (4) business days of receiving your response, your new album design will be ready. The same procedure will be followed for the rest of the revision rounds.
If you request additional revisions, in addition to the three (3) free included with the design service, the cost of each revision (€ 20) will be added to the amount of the final payment. You can request up to three (3) additional paid revision rounds.

If your album design order has not been finalized after three (3) months from the date it was placed, you will have the option to pay the remaining balance to keep your order open or it will be purged from the system at that time. However, once the balance has been paid, we can keep your album design on file for up to one year from the date you placed the order.

If the design has still not been finalized at the one year mark, you will have the option of receiving the as-is files or paying a €50 extension fee to keep the order open in our system.

The deposit given is not refundable in any of the above cases.

The max number of spreads designed and showcased are always charged for the design service, regardless if you choose to remove spreads during the revision rounds.

After selecting the final design for printing, if you have only selected the Album Design Service with the final payment your spread files will be delivered in high  resolution via WeTransfer ready to be sent by you for printing

If your Order includes the printing of an album, phase 2 (production) begins. With the confirmation of the final  payment, your Order will be sent for production, which takes approximately ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days.

Album and Spread design is done by you

With the confirmation of the final  payment, your Order will be sent for production, which takes approximately ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days.

In all cases, upon completion of your Order you will receive an email with the shipping date, shipping method and other information.

If you request cancellation of the order, for any reason, after phase 1 has started (album design) the deposit will not be refunded.